The city of Haven is a small but busy port north of the Kingdom of Dagorlad, linking the caravan routes from the south to the merchant ships that dare the pirate-infested waters of the Northern Sea. Humans and demi-humans from all over the continent meet here. At the Green Dragon Inn, down in the vicious Docks district, adventurers of any kind seek for fortune, glory, and profitable but dirty works.

Legends tell that over one hundred years ago, the infamous Necromancer Zenopus came from the sea and built a black tower on the low hills overlooking the town. The tower was close to the sea cliffs west of Haven and, appropriately, next door to the ancient Graveyard. Rumor has it that the magician made extensive tunnels underneath the tower, for the town is located on the ruins on a much older, pre-human city of doubtful history, and Zenopus was said to excavate in his cellars in search of lost treasure and arcane knowledge.

Fifty years ago, in a cold wintry night, the wizard’s tower was suddenly engulfed in green flame. Several of his human servants escaped the fire, saying their master had been destroyed by some otherworldly force he had unleashed in the depths of the tower. Needless to say the tower stood vacant since the incident, and the surrounding garden of the sorcerer was left to its fate, growing increasingly wild and dangerous.

During the following years many adventurers tried to find the entrance to the dungeons of Zenopus, since the tower has no door a man can cross, and is well protected against common magic. Treasure and knowledge beyond imagination are said to awaits in its deepest recesses, waiting for someone brave enough to claim their own!

The Tower of Zenopus